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Irish Yew Wood Light Pulls

These Irish Yew light pulls are a great way to add a little luxury to something as basic as a cord for turning on a light.  The markings on the Florencecourt yew wood  of the light pulls are as beautiful as those on the goblets I make.  A wonderful addition to any bathroom. The patterns of course may vary due to the unique nature of the wood.

Approx. dimensions:  80mm long

£12.50 each

Price: £12.50

Irish Yew Wood Mushrooms

These little mushrooms are a great little fun thing to make.  They are made from Florencecourt Irish Yew wood using the smaller branches of the yew which have fantastic markings  when turned on the lathe.  They are ideal as a small unusual gift. No one can resist lifting them and to feel the different textures and admire the beautiful patterns in the wood.

Some like to display one on its own and I have seen others set out in an interesting group of different sizes, like little soldiers, in a cluster or like ducks in a row.  Whatever way  you want to display them, they never fail to catch the eye.

Patterns may vary

approx. dimensions:  50mm diameter x 65mm height

£12.50 each

Price: £12.50

Irish Yew Wood Lamp


Presenting a large wooden lamp, handturned from Irish Yew  from the estate of Florencecourt House just a short distance from my home in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.  This is made from a thick branch of the yew tree  resulting in a sturdy lamp showing all the different, rich colours and patterns through out the the branch and with some of the brown bark still intact.  The patterns on this piece are striking and completely unique, like a finger print. The lighter colour at the bottom of the lamp flows in an out in ghostly shapes that in my view become dream like images and I believe everyone will see something different there.  This is a beautiful and practical piece which will just get better and better with use and time.

approx. 280mm height x 150mm dia

Price: £195.00

Irish Yew Wood Lamp

This is an exceptionally large wooden lamp, handturned out of a solid piece of  Irish Yew  from the estate of Florencecourt House just a short distance from my home in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.  This ioo is made from a thick branch of the yew tree  resulting in a sturdy lamp showing  not only all the different, rich colours and patterns through out the the branch but also very distinctive images in the lighter colours at the bottom of the lamp.   Of course this is only one view, but my wife sees a figure of a tall man, possibly a warrior or a king, standing close to a figure of a woman with others behind them as if they are on a journey. 

She likes to believe these are the spirits of the Irish Yew tree this branch came from.  I guess it is a matter fo opinion but either way this is a very cool unique wooden lamp. There would be no chance  of you turning up with the same gift as another guest at a wedding if you presented this!   A beautiful and practical piece which will just get better and better with use and time.

Price: £225.00


A very useful wooden Bog Oak Keyring Stylus designed to attach to your mobile phone aswell as your keys! 

Once again I love how I have been able to make something with Bog Oak that has proven to be handy for all my touch screen devices.  The stylus is finished in gold plate with a soft rubber tip which is very precise when texting etc.  I have been told by those with long nails that the stylus makes a great difference to them when browsing and the fact that it attaches to your mobile via the headphone socket leaves it conveniently accessible.

A great mix of something ancient and something very modern, this beautiful  Bog Oak Stylus would be a lovely present for anyone for birthdays, wedding party gifts or corporate presentation gifts.

An authentic Irish gift

Price: £12.50


As soon as i saw this piece of timbre i knew it had to become a clock.  It's natural shape points it toward the sun and the amazing spalted beech marking in the very front surrounded by circular shapes in the woods' grain reminds me of a sundial, which is a perfect union of old and new ways of telling the time.

As always I love to work with Splated beech because the end result is always very different.  The Inky  markings of the spaltedness are completely unique, almost like the woods own finger print. This piece of timbre was a great shape for nestling a clock face in and displays  some  exceptional markings, a beautiful grain and has retained alot of bark.   All in one  piece of timbre!   There is no angle of this clock that is not pleasing to the eye and it's rich, deep natural colouring only gets better with time, (no pun intended).   Sometimes the wood is it's own art. This beautiful, completely unique clock would be perfect as a wedding, anniversary and retirement  present or as a presentation gift. 

The common name Beech comes from the "Norse" Buche or Bok which also means book. A straight and lofty tree the Beech belongs to the same family as the Oak.  The light, brown, hard and heavy timber is close and even in texture, with a fine silky grain, making it strong and durable,sending its roots deep into the earth.  



Dimensions: 230 wide x 100mm deep x 400mm height

Price: £245.00


A very handsome, completely unique wooden pen handturned from the burr of the Elm wood.  I had a small amount of this timbre sitting for a while in my workshop and it was beautifully seasoned.  The burr wood is very tricky to turn, but it is so worth the time when you see the amazing results.  The markings are so striking and unusual and cannot be replicated.

An authentic Irish gift

Price: £75.00


This fantastic wooden Bog Oak lamp turned out better than I could hanve imagined.  It is a beautiful piece of well seasoned timber and I think from every angle it looks like a dog.  So while I was making it, it was always the dog lamp.  Either way this is a completely unique item, a one off display piece that is also a very useful lamp.  There would certainly be no chance of anyone turning up at a wedding with a similar gift.  The shade on the lamp is for display purposes only, so whoever becomes the proud owner can have fun putting there own personal touch choosing a shade.

An authentic Irish gift

Lamp dimensions approx. 540mm wide x 230 high. height to top of shade 565mm

Price: £275.00
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