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Wooden Yew Angel

Wooden Yew Angel

Price: £25.00

Wooden Yew Angel


Irish Yew Wooden Angel - protection - devine messenger - guardian - peace - hope - love - joy

The Yew - Sacred Tree of Transformation and Rebirth

The perfect timber to hand craft our Angels from to enhance the power of our faith in what Angels symbolize for us. As each person is unique with their own way of praying, so too each yew branch will create a different Angel with its own unique markings.  The yew timber I have used here is from Florence Court where the Mother of all IrishYews can still be seen today.

This is an ancient tree that has survived since before the Ice Age and as such has been revered and used by humankind throughout the ages.  Because of its longevity and unique way of growing new trunks from within the original root they can be thousands of years old, their presence spanning history.  This is why it is associated with immortality, renewal, regeneration and access to the Otherworld and our ancestors.

Every Angel can be personalised with a name burned into the wood (depending on length of name).

eg. Rose or Rose's


approx ht 110m

approx width at base 40mm  sizes will vary slightly with each Angel

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NAME BURNED INTO WOOD eg. Rose or Rose's Angel:
Price: £25.00
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Long considered a sacred tree Christians built their churches and abbeys around them and you can still see yew trees growing in churchyards today.  The three oldest trees in Ireland are yews which are found at Crom Castle in County Fermanagh, Maynooth College and Muckross Friary in Killarney.

These Angels are handturned from Irish Yew originating from Florencecourt House in County Fermanagh.  The story is that a local farmer, George Willis found the yew saplings on mountains near Florence Court and give one to his landlord, the 1st Earl of Enniskillen, who had it planted on his estate where it still grows today.  Cuttings were taken from the tree for reproduction throughout the country.  Many descendants of the Mother tree still grow in the grounds of Florence Court and it is believed that almost all Irish Yew trees common in churchyards throughout the world come from this one tree!

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