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Woodturning is one of the oldest crafts known to man, it has been in existence for some 3,000 years. Much work produced during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries by the most accomplished of Turners was of a quality and elegance that would be envied today. The woodturner endeavors to display the full beauty of the wood in his work, with a simplicity of design. Nothing appears complicated or awkward, the shapes or forms are subtle and elegant creating a powerful effect. The experienced craftsman develops an eye, nose and instinct, but even with these luck still plays a part.

A tree is a living thing and as a result every one is different. certain varieties have there own characteristics, hence every item turned is unique with none exactly the same, as with the mass produced, and this is part of the fascination of wood. Through good form and the highest quality of craftsmanship, the woodturner accentuates and enhances natures beauty. Woodturned objects reveal natures beauty to the full through pleasing shapes with a a strong tactile appeal, giving great pleasure when touched or visually admired.

Brendan Bannon developed his interest in wood at an early age when he learned his trade as a joiner. He started wood turning as a hobby in 1991 and went from teaching in workshops to making it a full time profession. he became more and more interested in producing aesthetically appealing items in a wide range of unusual timbers. Brendan is a local craftsman of Enniskillen in the North of Ireland with his workshop based at his home. All of Brendan's work is crafted from native timber. This site contains examples of some of the work which is available from Brendan. It must be understood that the works shown may have been sold beforehand, so an exact replica is impossible to obtain, each piece has its own unique look, no two are the same.

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